Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Jeep Is Not A Figure Skater

The job site I was supposed to work at today is close to 55 miles away, and the route includes 2500 feet of elevation change, because the site is on the other side of the Green Mountains. Given that we had 4" of heavy, wet snow topped with an icy crust last night, I left a little early this morning.

By the 20-mile mark, and before the the steep hills started, I'd nearly gone off the road twice, once into the path of incoming traffic, and I didn't fancy testing traction at an 8% grade, so I turned around and came home. I left a voicemail and an email for my boss, and went out to shovel.

A few hours later, my boss called back. Turns out my coworker had the same experience, so the two bosses, who got on the road several hours after us grunts and thus had much less trouble with the commute, are working today, while the rest of us stay home.

I'm looking forward to finding a job in a consistent, nearby location, and with, dare I hope, paid time off, so that when it's obvious the weather's going to make the commute hazardous, I can call out without giving up a day's pay.

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