Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bulgur! For Breakfast!

This just in: bulgur may be my new favorite breakfast food.

I was on an overnight oats kick for a while, but if you under-hydrate them, the result is a giant, sticky glob that can't be immediately fixed, and over-hydrating results in an overly-soft slurry. They also need a lot of sweetening to be palatable. With bulgur, the wheat's natural nuttiness is a solid flavor in and of itself, the grain retains some body even at maximum hydration, I can mix in a little more milk to get the consistency I want, and it just needs a spoonful of jam to make it sweet enough for my taste. It's also a dense, filling meal, which I need in my high-calorie diet when I often have to go seven hours between breakfast and lunch.

I might just be hooked. Thank you, Pinterest.

(Base recipe: 2 parts bulgur, 3 parts liquid of choice [I use milk], refrigerate overnight, add milk to desired consistency in the morning, and stir in a spoonful of jam or apple butter or brown sugar and fruit or whatever you fancy to make it sweet.)

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