Thursday, January 26, 2017


My black workboots are white with plaster dust and my body is screaming in pain after two days of pulling plaster off lath at work. Despite the pain, there were good things about today's labors.

Pretty lath is a good thing. This is accordion lath, made from wide, thin boards that are then partially split and stretched to create gaps for the plaster to squish through to hold it on the wall (keys). The architect in charge of the renovation was so excited by this discovery that he's making the lath a design element in the new master bedroom.

Finding old wallpaper is a good thing, too. This was the third layer on the plaster (first and second I only found tiny remnants of in a few places, and their designs were so subtle as to be lost to my phone's camera), and it was only once I took off the crown moulding that I found it -- they'd cut it at the edge of the moulding and taken it off the walls before adding more recent wallpaper, so it only exists in this strip around the top of the room, and now, not even that.

Things that make me giggle are also good. This is short for "demolish," not for "demo-licious," as my work-addled brain would have me believe.

It's finally time to rest, without worrying about the alarm going off at 5am. Thank gods.

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