Monday, January 30, 2017


After a year of dragging my feet, I'm finally starting to go through my moth-infested craft room and pitch the things that are beyond saving. I can only do it a little bit at a time, because it's depressing to see that much work and material ruined, but occasionally I run across something I'd completely forgotten about and don't have to chuck in the bin.

For example, last night, in amongst the laceweight cotton-linen recycled yarn that the moths apparently found delicious, I spotted a dark blue, naugahyde, zippered case. Inside was the pride of my crochet hook collection, misplaced years ago, that included both my ivory hook (brought back from Africa by my great aunt Stella in the '60s along with a zebra-skin handbag) and my lignum hook. The lignum (Lignum vitae, a wood of extraordinary density and strength) hook was a gift from the woodturner I worked for five or six years ago, and I'd been idly wondering where it was.

Now, what to crochet with it?

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