Sunday, January 29, 2017


The log cabin job that we finished around New Year's was for a lovely couple who enjoyed being involved in the deconstruction process and feeling like part of the crew. They provided us with space heaters and a little break room setup (microwave, mugs, packets of cocoa) on site, they made us cookies and chili, and were just as pleasant as could be. When we finished up, on time and on budget, they decided to give us a little bonus -- every crewmember who worked on that site got a gift card for the local outdoor/work gear store.

I was hoping for proper snowboots, but they were out of the budget, so I came home with some long-sleeved thermal shirts that will fit nicely into my winter-into-spring wardrobe. It's nice to feel appreciated, especially in this line of work, where we can't go back to a site and point at what we did, because if we've done our jobs right, there's nothing left. My new shirts are something of a monument to that job, and I like them all the more for it.

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