Sunday, July 16, 2017

Bad Day, Good Day

Yesterday was a bad day. Depression reared its ugly head and stole all my motivation and self-discipline, leaving me to binge-watch Netflix and knit all day. The only up-side is that I took a shower, got most of the way through a knitting project, and took a picture of Kira being cute:

Today is going a bit better. So far I've cleaned the litterboxes, started laundry and dishes, unpacked a shipment of fabric, and... baked! Last time I was at Aldi I picked up a bag of nectarines on a whim. I'm usually reluctant to buy fresh produce or meat because using it requires mental energy I can't count on having before the stuff spoils, and I did lose four of these nectarines to mold before I got around to opening the bag, but there were enough left to make this slightly over-filled galette:

I cheated with the pie crust, because butter and I have never gotten along in a pastry context, but Jiffy's pie crust mix works just fine. Now for the hard part: waiting until it cools before digging in!

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