Sunday, March 26, 2017

Venation Shawl

I start a lot of knitting projects. A lot of them. I finish far fewer, and it's always something of an occasion when I do.  After a tense half hour late last night where I tinked and re-knit the last 20 stitches of the bind-off half a dozen times and finally cheated a little so I wouldn't run out of yarn, I finished a shawl made from fiber dyed by my friend Dan of Gnomespun Yarn & Fiber Arts. This is Claire Slade's "Venation" shawl (squared crescent version, regular bind-off) in Gotland fiber in a color Dan calls Deep Cockscomb, which I spun into a two-ply sport/DK-weight on my Babe wheel.

This morning, the shawl took a bath with a bit of grapefruit-scented Eucalan...

...and then hit my version of a blocking mat for a gentle pinning.  (Maeve included for scale, and because she and Kira supervise most of the fiber art that goes on in this house.)

The Gotland is crunchy, but it's got character and body, and the color is just so scrumptious that I wanted to show it off as much as I could, which led me to this very open lace pattern, stretching my limited yardage to the max.

I'm looking forward to wearing this... just as soon as it dries and I weave in the ends.

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